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As part of our Animal Crossing New Leaf Beginners Guide. Here are 10 basic tips for anyone starting out their new ACNL life as a Mayor. Ideally, you should read this page before you begin the game.

1. Before you start… Some things you can’t change.

Some things in animal crossing you can’t change. Your name, town name, town layout and face are set at the beginning and cannot be changed afterwards. In the introduction, a cat named Rover will ask you to look at a map and confirm if it is your town. If you say it isn’t your town, he will show you another map. In total allowing you between a choice of 4 maps. If none of these 4 maps appeal to you, your only option is to turn off your 3DS and start over. After you have chosen your map, he will then ask you questions about why you are traveling there, how you answer these questions will influence how your character’s face will look. You can play this random but here is a link below for those who want to choose their face. When you arrive in town, the animals that greet you will be your neighbours for some time, but they can eventually move out.

Animal Crossing wiki – face guide

2. Fruit

As you take your first steps in town, you’ll quickly see what the native fruit is growing on your trees. There are 13 different fruits in the game. Foreign fruits sell for more in your town, but only your native fruits can sometimes grow ‘delicious’ versions which sell at a much higher rate. So it is worth getting a variety of fruits from friend’s towns but also keeping some of your native fruits. So in your first day in your town, rather than immediately selling all your fruit, it is worth burying some and growing more trees or trading some for friends fruit.

3. Isabelle’s tasks

After you have done your tree planting ceremony. It is worth visiting Isabelle and asking her for advice, she will ask you to collect a seashell for her, to bury a tree, she will ask if you’re interested in fishing or bug hunting (if you can buy a net from your store, tell her fishing. If you can buy a fishing pole, tell her bug hunting). She will then offer to sell you a net or fishing pole. Then do the last of her tasks and she’ll give you a watering can as a present. This is the best way to make sure you have a fishing pole, bug net and watering can on day one (otherwise you have to wait almost a week to get a watering can).

4. Museum

So you’re now fishing and bug hunting. It’s tempting to take your new catches straight to the shop. I would personally recommend giving your first new catch to the museum, this way it will be easier down the line to know what you have in your museum. The museum will only accept one of each species.

5. Dig and Bash

If you’re new to Animal Crossing, you might not know that when you see an X on the ground, it means something is buried there. So get your spade and dig it up, it might be a fossil to help build up your museum collection. Also, use that spade to hit the rocks scattered around your town. Once a day one of your rocks will be fake and will break into a gem and another rock will be a money rock, which if you hit repeatedly will give you a good sum of bells.

6. Buying items and listening to villagers

A mixed point. You might see an item for sale you only half like. You can save your bells and not buy it, but if you do buy it and sell it (at a loss) you can always reorder it later on from a catalog (when your shop upgrades). So when you decide you want a certain theme for your 4th room in your house, you can reorder that suitable item you initially bought on day one or two rather than potentially waiting a LONG time for the item to come up for sale again. Also by buying many items you unlock certain achievements.

Sometimes when you walk past a neighbour, they will ding with surprise/delight and you only have a few seconds to talk to them while they are in this state. Try always talk to them at this point, sometimes it might be small talk they want your attention for, sometimes they just want to be generous and occasionally they will have a request for you to build a project in your town.

7. Activate streetpass

Once you activate streetpass you can access “The Happy Home Showcase”, which is an area of the game where you can go into the houses of people you have streetpassed with. It can be interesting to see how they’ve decorated, but you can also order some of the items you see within their house – helping you build your furniture collection.

8. Turnips

Every Sunday morning Joan comes to your town selling turnips. These are like the Animal Crossing stock market. Say you buy them at 100 bells each on Sunday, you can then sell them later in the week for a possible profit. You might get to sell them at 500 bells each. However, if you have not sold them by the following Sunday, they rot and become worthless. It is worth communicating with friends and finding out what their shop is paying for turnips that day. Prices paid change before and after midday.


9. Play with friends

As well as offering plenty of trading opportunity. Playing with friends can be both fun and relaxing. Chat options are limited, but it is a nice atmosphere just to fish together, to show off your designs. Once the tropical island becomes available in the game, you can start playing mini-games together.

10. Get creative

After your first day, you can start changing your town tune, change your flag, make designs to go on clothing or on your town floor as paving. This might seem a little overwhelming to begin with, but there are plenty of good websites out there with ideas and pre-made tunes and designs. Invest some time and make your town more YOU.

Tips for advanced New Leaf Mayors