Feature: Animal Crossing New Leaf – tips for advanced Mayors

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Animal Crossing New Leaf Tips for Advanced Mayors: So youlre quite an experienced Mayor now, but did you know all of these points?

1. Pro Designer

Animal Crossing New Leaf Tips - customise

If you design a T-Shirt via your design tab, the design is mirrored on the front, back and sleeves of the T-shirt. However if you speak to Able in your clothes shop, you can choose to pro-design a dress, short / long or sleeveless T-Shirt. Meaning you can design the front, back and sleeves separately. You can also pro design standees by standing in front of them.

2. Design Slots

You have your 10 slots in your design tab. What is less obvious, if you speak to Able at your clothes shop and select “save a design”, she gives you access to a locker style system with an additional …… slots. Items saved in these slots will still be visible within your village (flags and standees) but just not immediately at hand or wearable. However, paving has to be on your design tab.

3. Customising items

You’ve probably seen screenshots of custom bedding and wallpaper bought via Cyrus at Re-tail. However, he can customise other items in more basic ways and can even turn a complete dinosaur fossil set into a miniature figure (as pictured above). Also, if you take him 3 gold nuggets, he can turn them into a gold themed item (pictured above).

4. Feng Shui

Feng Shui affects your luck in the game. It only counts for the main room in your house. The picture above shows how Feng Shui is affected with each room expansion. If you layout items in your room as pictured above you increase your luck. So as in the picture, red items to the right, green below and yellow to the left. Yellow affects the amount of money you can find from rocks, Red effects items you can find and green effects your luck overall.

5. Fortune

Each day in Animal Crossing you are given a different level of luck. If you meet Katrina she can tell you, your luck and tell you what to wear to increase your luck. Below are a few effects of good / bad luck.

Good Luck

Bad Luck

The money rock drops 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, and 16000 bells The money rock drops 100, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 bells
More likely to get Saharah-exclusive items Less likely to get Saharah-exclusive items
Bees move more slowly so are easier to avoid Bees move more quickly so are harder to avoid
Fewer mosquito bites You will often trip and fall while running

6. Updating Dream Suit

Once you have unlocked the dream suite, you can be paid 5,000 bells per day to update your dream town. As well as being 5,000 bells of easy money, it also ensures are dream visitors to your town are seeing the updated version. When you update the dream time-wise / weather-wise, will be reflected in your dream. So your dream town will be in a perpetual thunderstorm.

7. Personality Types

There are 8 personality types in New Leaf. Such as Jock, Snooty and Lazy, each have different dialogue and interactions. It may be tempting to try get rid of the residents with personality types you’re less fond of. But it is worth having a good mix as different personality types request different public projects. So if you never have a Smug you’ll never get to have a pyramid or antenna dish in your town.

8. Post Office gifts

Twice a month, every month for the next year you can visit your post office and get a free gift via an Internet download. There are two versions to get; one via your personal Internet connection and a different gift via a public Cloud / Nintendo zone connection such as within McDonalds or Starbucks.

9. Visit your island daily.

Evening bug hunting on the island is one of the best ways to make money. But it is also worth visiting daily to see what new mini games might be available to play. And even if the cabana or mermaid furniture isn’t your taste, you can also get rare island only items sometimes available, such as the toy hammer and the silver axe.

10. The small details.

Animal crossing can become a routine of daily rituals, it can be good to stop and take in the small details. Wear heavy clothing in summer and your character can sometimes do a gasping expression. One charming detail you shouldn’t overlook – when your town has has developed to an extent and your plaza tree has grown to a reasonable height. You can sit at the base of the tree and be given some rolling credits regarding your town. Such as when you became mayor, when shops opened and when residents moved in. It’s very charming.