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Genre: Side Scroller  
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It’s 1990…. Re-mastered.

Diving into the vault of money.

The original Ducktails game came out in 1990 on the NES and Gameboy. At the time it was Capcom’s best selling game for each platform – selling approximately 3.1 million units combined. Back then, Ducktails was a highly popular kids show and it came out at a time before buyers were cynical about game / TV / movie tie-ins. The game was received a largely positive reception.

Ducktails re-mastered is essentially the same game but with updated graphics and music. So how does the game fair 23 years since the original was released?

Pogo in action.

In Ducktails, you play as rich Uncle Scrooge, searching for 5 ancient treasures in different areas of the world. The gameplay is simple side-scrolling, with Uncle Scrooge essentially having two moves; he can pogo with his walking stick to either pounce on top of enemies or to jump to higher places or he can swing it like a golf club at rocks to propel them into enemies. The control mechanics are simple but remain enjoyable.

Boss Battle.

The main gripe that comes from playing Ducktails, is the save system. Unfortunately, it has not been updated since 1990. Each area of the game is fairly big in size and with its own end boss, who can be quite tough until you have learned their routine. So if you’ve lost your third life (with very little opportunities to gain extra lives), rather than be sent back to the start of the boss battle, you are sent right back to the start of the chapter and have to do all of that area again. Some boss battles are pretty tough, so it can get very frustrating to have to re-play the whole area over and over.

An additional aspect of the game is the extra concept art and drawing you can unlock, by spending the money Uncle Scrooge has earned in each area. But it’s unlikely this will get you playing over and over to unlock it all.

In summary, Ducktails remastered is a fun, nostalgic trip down memory lane, the graphics are crisp and reflect the cartoon, it is also a blessing they have got the original voice actors to contribute. Unfortunately, the outdated save system taints the game and can make it a frustrating experience at times.


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