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Genre: Action   Players: 1    Online: No    Off-TV Play: No

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Open world Lego on its own terms.

Lego City Undercover is an open world cop game set in a pseudo San Francisco. You play as Officer Chase McCain in a setting that is a like a Lego version of Naked Gun with plenty of other police and prison film references thrown in. Your mission is to capture outlaw Rex Fury and in doing so you move from city center to farm land to outer space. On a large scale map, where you can “police appropriate” any vehicle you see, including trains, trams and wheelchairs. Where destroying your surroundings rewards you bricks you can use towards super builds.  The humor is cheesy at times, but often hits the mark.

The controls are fairly simple and the gamepad is used to a good extent. It has a city map on the screen, video call pop up on the screen, you can set way points to act as your satnav. You can also use the gyroscope on the gamepad to direct where you listen to audio on the map or where you can take photographs.

As you progress through the story you unlock new types of disguises, such as the farmer, construction worker and astronaut. Each disguise type has its own set of moves, which allows you to access new parts of the city or previous inaccessible token which unlocked new content. And as well as a huge city, there are many hidden extras to discover within the city – some of it being very difficult to access.

There is so much to unlock; new vehicles, helicopters, new disguises, novelty disguises and Super builds. Super Builds are massive constructions that can take many smaller bricks to be able to afford to build. These can equal new bridges to access new areas, ramps that send you flying in the air or giant statues.

Lego City Undercover is a great family friendly game, but its let down on two points. The first and less important, is lack of multiplayer. For a family friendly game, multiplayer would have made much more sense. The other issue, which is much more prominent is the extensive and frequent loading screens. They are excessive and interfere with the flow of the game.

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Long loading screens
Big Map
Dull Music
Family Friendly
 Lots to unlock  
  Great 82%

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