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Luigis Mansion 2

Genre: 3D Platformer     Players: 1-4 (solo story)  Online: Yes     Streetpass: No

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The long awaited sequel arrives on the 3DS. Managing to be fresh and humorous, it often feels like it surpasses its predecessor.

Luigis Mansion 2

Luigi finding hidden items.

Luigi’s mansion, marks the first game with Luigi having the lead role in a game in over 12 years and is the start of what Nintendo is marking as the ‘Year of Luigi’ – a year of games focused more on Luigi. Luigi plays the reluctant hero, with frequent screams and yelp, but he does it so well and with so much charm. Luigi portrays more personality and likeability than Mario has for many years.

I had played through the original Luigi’s mansion on the Gamecube, but never quite completed the game. While, I found it enjoyable, I just didn’t get hooked with it. However, I started Luigi’s Mansion 2 with more of a mission to complete the game.

Armed with his trusty Poltergust 5000 vacuum cleaner, and the advise of returning character, Professor E Gadd, Luigi is tasked with exploring various Mansions and vacuuming up ghosts, in search of pieces of the Dark Moon. The moon / jewel has been split into 5 pieces which have been corrupted, turning the once obedient ghosts into mischievous troublemakers. Luigi has to recover the dark moon to return peace to the valley.

Luigis Mansion 2

Luigi searching the room with his spot light.


There are 5 mansions in the game, each with its own dark moon piece and number of missions to complete before you get to the boss battle. Each mansion is large with its own distinctive theme, there are also hidden gems to find in each mansion – finding them isn’t an easy task. When you do find all the gems within a mansion you unlock a statue to view from the game menu.

As well as a great story mode, there is also an online multiplayer mode. As a group of up to 4 players, you scale the Thrill tower, a floor at a time. Modes include the hunt mode, where you have to clear the floor of ghosts. Polterpup mode, where you use your torch to find hidden ghost puppies. Finally Rush mode where you have to find a room with the switch buttons in order to escape the floor, having very limited time to find it, you can extend time by defeating ghosts. There is very limited communication with other players via the D-Pad, with options of Luigi saying; ‘Hey!’, ‘Help’, ‘Good Job’ and ‘Thank You’ – with it showing the room where the player is on the lower screen map. Basic options, but sufficient for playing with strangers.

Luigis Mansion 2

Multiplayer Hunt in Luigi’s Mansion


Luigis Mansion 2

Multiplayer door switch hunt.


The game is beautifully put together with great humor. The animations of the ghosts and especially of Luigi are very impressive with how much personality they have been given. It’s small touches like this that surprisingly add a great deal to the experience. Such as Luigi humming to his own theme tune or blinding a toad character with your flashbulb. The team making this game obviously had a lot of pride in taking forward Luigi’s Mansion as a series.

Luigis Mansion 2 also has some of the best 3D on any 3DS game. The rooms have a great depth, when Luigi points his torch towards the screen, the light flares out of the screen to a great effect. This version is missing the dual analogue sticks that were in the original Nintendo Gamecube version. Instead they have assigned a button for aiming the vacuum up and another button for aiming the vacuum down. When you are pressing the R button to vacuum, the slider that was making Luigi move in different directions, now aims the vacuum in different directions. So what you can’t do is make Luigi move and aim the vacuum at the same time.  For the most part this isn’t a problem, but sometimes when you want to back away from a ghost and aim your flashbulb at the same time it can be limiting. Support for the circle pad pro would have been a nice option, but the lack of option doesn’t feel like it makes the game any less enjoyable.

Luigis Mansion 2

Polterpup taunting.

Luigi’s Mansion is made by Next Level games with supervision from Nintendo. The game is full of the charm and small touches that makes Nintendo who they are. This is a must have game for the Nintendo 3DS, one of the best games to be released on the 3DS and one of the best games Nintendo in recent years. Luigi’s Mansion isn’t a big enough name to be a big system seller, but this one deserves to be.

Head Heart
Great 3D Charming Characters
Great Graphics Funny
30+ hours gameplay Atmospheric Music
No Streetpass  
  Outstanding  95%

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Luigi's Mansion 2
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