News: Metroid Fan film appears on Kickstarter

Looking to raise $90,000 to produce a hollywood standard 10 minute “proof-of-concept” film. Aiming to demonstrate that the Metroid series has a large fanbase and deserves to be made into a feature film. The project entitled “Metroid: Enemy within” would have the following storyline;

Samus Aran, a bounty hunter for the Galactic Federation, wakes up on an unknown ship after being rendered unconscious in a battle with a powerful being named the Gorea.  She discovers she is being held hostage on the ship of a rival bounty hunter named Sylux, and learns of his plot to destroy the Federation while implicating her in the process.  Samus fights to escape in order to save herself and the Federation before it’s too late.

See further details in the enclosed video and kickstarter link.

More information at Kickstarter


David Lee
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