Music Monday: Off to a Rockin’ KK Start

This is the first ever Music Monday post. Every Monday we will be posting a Gaming Music related article. This may be a link to a youtube video, interview or preview. We aim to cover lesser known tunes or those covered in a more original manner.

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf recently released, we thought we’d bring you a cover of “Go K.K. Rider”. This K.K. song has appeared in every Animal Crossing game. According to Animal Crossing Wiki, the songĀ  is meant to resemble the opening theme of a Tokusatsu show, as Kamen Rider. However, we will leave you to rock out to this guitar / metal version of the song.

Performed by Youtube user: ThunderScott6267

David Lee
David is the founder of Heart Gaming. Regular writer, reviewer and editor. Has a strong passion for gaming; particularly the Legend of Zelda series.