News: Windwaker HD dated, Wonderful 101 dated, Animal Crosssing Plaza

As part of Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct. Windwaker HD was given a release date of October 4th in the UK. No release date was given for other territories, but will likely also release in October.

Wonderful 101 was also dated for 23rd/24th August in Europe and Australia and for September 15th in North America.

Nintendo has also released an Animal Crossing plaza for the Wii U, available for download immediately. In the plaza, various Animal Crossing residents and special characters populate your plaza and you can click on them to see what other people have posted about the villiager you have selected. You can also insert your 3DS’ SD card into your Wii U and import the pictures you have taken in the 3DS game, to upload to the Animal Crossing Miiverse Community.

See the full Direct below;


David Lee
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