Nintendo UK to team up with Tesco to raise Wii U awareness.

Nintendo recently told MCV that many people are unaware of  what the Wii U is, with many thinking it is a peripheral to the original Wii.

As part of a wider campaign, Nintendo has booked in store space, plans to send out 300,000 leaflets to customers who have only bought a Wii, and plan to offer money-off vouchers.

Nintendo confirmed their marketing budget to be ‘significantly higher’ compared to last year.

Between half-term and Christmas, there will be a big TV advertisement presence, featuring Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. As well as printed advertisements and a big online presence. There are also plans to run a promotional tour aiming to reach over 100,000 people.

 Nintendo’s most recent quarterly financial report showed that worldwide Wii U sales came in at just 160,000 in the three months between April and July.

David Lee
David is the founder of Heart Gaming. Regular writer, reviewer and editor. Has a strong passion for gaming; particularly the Legend of Zelda series.