Wii Fit U Direct, launch details inside

Earlier today, Nintendo had a Direct Focused on the upcoming release of Wii Fit U.

Further details were release regarding the “Fit Meter” – a 3-axis accelerometer device designed to be attached at the hip and which measures activity and calculate steps and exercise intensity. It also includes a altitude, which can measure changes in altitude and increased levels of activity from walking up a hill.

The Fit Meter can display calories burned, target calories, elevation from starting point, time, temperature, METs graph, and calories burned.

The data can be transferred from the Fit Meter to the Wii U via the IR port on the GamePad. Through the Wii Fit U software the data can then be viewed in greater detail.

Wii Fit U features many of the strength training, yoga and fitness games from the previous Wii Fit games, plus games that combine the Wii Balance Board and Wii U GamePad, including new dance routines such as hip-hop, locking and salsa that work out various parts of the body through simple dance moves.

The game also gives players more ways to create their own custom workout routines. Users can also create or join a Miiverse Gym Community to share tips and support with other Wii Fit U users who have similar goals. Or people can create closed communities made up exclusively of their friends. The communities will help people stay motivated by giving them a venue to discuss their f itness progress with others.

Nintendo has confirmed the Fit Meter will be released on November 1. A free version will be available for download between November 1st to January 31th, 2014. If a Fit Meter is purchased, the game becomes a full copy and available past January 2014.

Wii Fit U will be available to download from the eShop, but Nintendo will also release a disc version bundled with the Fit Meter, and a second bundle including the game, the Fit Meter and the balance board, on December 6.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct Below;

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