Re-watch Nintendo Direct and highlights…

Today we had a packed Nintendo Direct, with plenty of gameplay videos and release dates. Lots to take of information to take onboard. You can re-watch today’s Nintendo Direct here, broken down into sections by games discussed in each section.
You can skip to the following sections;
0:30 – Trailer for Super Mario 3D World
3:55 – Wii Party U
5:50 – Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze delay
6:32 – Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014
8:15 – Sonic in Smash Bros Brawl
8:55 – Pikmin 3 Mission Mode DLC
12:55 – Etriah Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (American release)
13:45 – Just Dance 2014
14:35 – Skylanders Swap Force
15:33 – Lego Marvel Super Heroes
16:20 – Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
16:50 – Sonic Lost World
17:58 – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
18:32 – Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
21:25 – Streetpass Relay update (American announcement only so far)
22:42 – Bravely Default
25:00 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
28:25 – Kirby 3DS (no announced title)
David Lee
David is the founder of Heart Gaming. Regular writer, reviewer and editor. Has a strong passion for gaming; particularly the Legend of Zelda series.