Wii U “Summer” update now Live.

Over night, Nintendo have launched the planned “Summer” Update, which includes improvements for the Wii U system and the look of the Wii U eShop. This comes ahead of the planned Nintendo Direct, airing later today.

The system update has the following improvements / features:

  • Wii Display Modes: You can now choose to display the Wii mode on just the TV or on the TV and gamepad. (The gamepad cannot be used to control games, but you can turn the TV off and just use the gamepad to point the Wii-mote at).
  • Wii U Chat: You can now view a friend’s miiverse profile when making or receiving a call. You can now also connect and use a handset to the Wii U gamepad.
  • Support for a USB keyboard: Users can now connect and use a USE keyboard, where a software keyboard appears (not compatible with all titles)
  • Internet browser: Users can now save their username and passwords to various log-on websites (such as facebook), these can also be deleted within settings. Users can now also upload images taken within game to various websites. There is also also support for PDF files.
  • Wii U Menu: An icon has now been added to the Wii U menu for the Friend’s list.
  • Parental settings: Parents can now restrict access to Miiverse from other devices, such as from PCs or smartphones.
  • System Settings: Users can opt-in to automatically receive software from Nintendo while the console is in standby mode. Users can now set the interval for performing standby functions in hourly-increments when Standby Functions are enabled under Power Settings.
  • Audio Settings: Users can now select which type of audio output cable will be used under the TV setting. Even if the Wii U console is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, users can now use a Wii AV Cable or other connection cable to output audio via commercially available speakers.
  • System Stability improvements.

As well as now being able to play Wii games on the Gamepad only, this also means that Virtual Console Games you previously bought on the Wii Virtual console, can now also be played just on the gamepad, through use of the Classic controller.

David Lee
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