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About Heart Gaming

Building a Gaming website.

Welcome to Heart Gaming

What we hope to achieve.

Games, like all media, is about taste and preferences. What makes some TV programmes, music or films better or worse? How does a reviewer tackle this question when reviewing games? Many people can think of a game which may have received poor reviews but they have enjoyed anyway. Or the opposite, a game which has received many positive reviews but you didn’t enjoy.

Many game reviews seem to fall into the pattern of being heavily factual; noting how the game controls and what happens, while not really acknowledging how the game made them feel. Or the other thing that often happens in reviews, is reviewers expressing opinion like it is fact, that how they felt playing the game is how everyone would feel.

What we’d like to achieve at Heart Gaming, is a balance between both sides (which will be hard to achieve at times). To have space to express how the reviewer felt while playing the game, but also to highlight facts of the game such as; controls and technical limitations.

One other decision we have made at this time is not to allow comments. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there is a section of the gaming community which thrives on being rude and disrespectful, often just for a reaction, these are people who do not respect diversity in taste and preference. Secondly, to have a comment system would mean time spent on moderating comments. As staff will be helping to run this site alongside other commitments (including full time jobs), time could be better spent rather than moderating comments.

However, we will be adding polls to many of the pages and reviews. So readers can express their opinion through this method and quickly see what others think on the same topic.

With time, we hope the website will progress and evolve. One step we are starting with, is the trophy system, which you can read about here.