Music Monday 04/11: Wii Weather Channel Music


One of our most obscure choices so far for Music Monday. Today we have the music that would play when you loaded the Weather Channel as part of the Nintendo Wii’s operating system. Nintendo’s recent announcement of discontinuing the Wii means this channel has now been cancelled.  

Music Monday 21/10: Pokemon Battle Music


This week’s music monday is continuing on the pokemon theme, this time with the somewhat hectic battle music. Source: Youtube user Taioo

Special Edition Zelda 3DS XL and Luigi 3DS XL announced for Europe.


Today Nintendo have announced two special edition 3DS XL units. Firstly a Luigi themed console featuring a number of Luigi sillohettes (previously released in Japan only). This handheld will be released exclusively via the online Nintendo store on the 1st of November The Zelda themed 3DS XL unit will release on November 22nd, bundled an […]

Music Monday 14/10: Goldeneye revisted


Goldeneye – An N64 classic. We re-visit it this week with in Music Monday with a cover of the Facility Mission soundtrack. You might remember this mission, where you start by taking out the guy on the toilet. Classic memories…   Source: MattBeane87

Music Monday 07/10: Eerie Pokemon music


To celebrate the impending release of Pokemon X /Y and the month of Halloween. This week we have a piano cover from the Lavendar town tune from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow – a town haunted by Gengars and Ghastlys. This cover is performed by Chase Floyd

Wind Waker makes #4 in all-formats chart.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has debuted at number 4 on the UK all-formats chart.  Here is the top 10. FIFA 14Grand Theft Auto VF1 2013The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HDMinecraft: Xbox 360 EditionDisney InfinityNBA 2K14Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: BlacklistJust Dance 2014Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Today’s Trailers and release dates


Today’s Nintendo Direct had many trailers, some of the upcoming 1st party games had their own trailers you can see below. Super Mario 3D World (November 22nd)   Special Limited edition Mario and Luigi wiimotes.   Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds (release November 22nd)     Wii Party U (October 25th)     Mario […]

Re-watch Nintendo Direct and highlights…


Today we had a packed Nintendo Direct, with plenty of gameplay videos and release dates. Lots to take of information to take onboard. You can re-watch today’s Nintendo Direct here, broken down into sections by games discussed in each section.     You can skip to the following sections; 0:30 – Trailer for Super Mario […]

Wii U “Summer” update now Live.


Over night, Nintendo have launched the planned “Summer” Update, which includes improvements for the Wii U system and the look of the Wii U eShop. This comes ahead of the planned Nintendo Direct, airing later today. The system update has the following improvements / features: Wii Display Modes: You can now choose to display the […]

Music ….Tuesday 01/10: Wind Waker Orchestra Melody


Sorry Folks,  illness kept me from updating the weekly Music Monday yesterday. So it’s music Tuesday this week. To celebrate the launch of “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD” coming out this week, we have the Orchestra melody of Wind Waker, performed as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations. For those planning to […]