Hands-on with Zelda Link Between Worlds

Having had chance to play a few upcoming Nintendo games at Manchester’s play expo. The Legend of Zelda Link between worlds left me very impressed.

Heart Gaming: Zelda Link Between Worlds

The visuals are clean and crisp, the game has some of the best 3D seen on the 3DS – the effect isn’t too much, but there are odd moments where the effect has things briefly popping out of the screen, such as when Link hits spring loaded pads, and is then launched into the air onto the next level up.

Heart Gaming: Zelda Link Between Worlds

However, it was the gameplay where the game really stood out. On the demo I played some of the usual items made an appearance, such as bombs, bow and arrow. But it’s Link’s ability to transform into a wall painting and then walk along to different areas on the same height, which really adds a new dimension of puzzle design to the franchise. Turning into a painting, traveling to otherwise inaccessible places, then popping out of the wall is new kind of fun. Also when you transform into your painted form, the top down view of your surroundings, turns it into a head-on 3D environment, which makes the game feels even more immersive.

Heart Gaming: Zelda Link Between Worlds

I got to play two demo areas, neither showed any story elements, but from my short experience, the game has so much potential, I am really looking forward to playing the finished product.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is due to release on November 22nd in Europe. Releasing on the same day is a special edition Zelda 3DS themed console which includes an eshop code to download Link Between Worlds.