Hyrule Historia Review

Hyrule Historia cover

Hyrule Historia is a beautifully crafted hardback book covering all the Zelda games up to Skyward Sword on the Wii. The book is made up of high quality paper containing plenty of concept art and never before seen design ideas for various Zelda characters.

Hyrule Historia - designing Fi

Images of concept art in the development of Fi.

The book has 4 sections. The first; “The Legend Begins” is an extensive section focused on Skyward Sword; with artwork and snippets of information around the various characters, locations and monsters within the game.

Hyrule Historia - Hyrule TimelinePage depicting the Legend of Zelda Timeline.

The next section is “The History of Hyrule”, this is a largely narrative section covering the overall Legend of Zelda lore and story line within each game. This section is particularly informative for those who may have not played a particular game in the series. This section also attempts to piece all the games together in an overall timeline, although it results in a complex order.

Hyrule Historia - design of ZeldaConcept art for Zelda, in the middle a sci-fi Zelda which was never used.

Hyrule Historia - Zelda across the generationsThe various images of Zelda across the various games.

The last big section is called “Creative Footprints” which primarily shows concept and development artwork from the different games released so far. This section is not as indepth as the Skyward Sword focused section, but it still makes for interesting viewing. This section also tracks how the character designs of Link, Zelda and Ganon have changed between games.

Hyrule Historia - Link in the MangaLink in the included Manga comic.

The final section features a Manga style comic featuring a prequel story to Skyward Sword. The story is read back to front (traditional manga style), it starts off as high quality colour images, but changes to black and white. Although, unofficial, the story does add to the overall Zelda storyline.

There are 274 pages within the book. The paper and images are of high quality. Content wise there are more images than text, most pages you can glance through if you want. The cover is dark green, with tasteful gold Triforce and spiritual stone print.

Hyrule Historia is a great investment for any Zelda fans out there.


David Lee
David is the founder of Heart Gaming. Regular writer, reviewer and editor. Has a strong passion for gaming; particularly the Legend of Zelda series.