Music Mondays

Every Monday we will be featuring a piece relating to Gaming Music. This might be a link to a remix, fan interpretation or covers on YouTube. It might be just re-visiting an under appreciated track from a previous game. On occasions we may also release interviews, previews or an in-depth analysis on a game’s soundtrack. Currently, we will be limiting this coverage only to games that have appeared on a Nintendo system.


One of our most obscure choices so far for Music Monday. Today we have the music that would play when you loaded the Weather Channel as part of the … (read more…)


This week’s music monday is continuing on the pokemon theme, this time with the somewhat hectic battle music.

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ … (read more…)


Goldeneye – An N64 classic. We re-visit it this week with in Music Monday with a cover of the Facility Mission soundtrack. You might remember this … (read more…)


Sorry Folks,  illness kept me from updating the weekly Music Monday yesterday. So it’s music Tuesday this week.

To celebrate the launch of … (read more…)


This is the first music on our Music Mondays that is from a game not made or published by Nintendo.

Mass Effect is one of the best game … (read more…)