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How our Reviews work

Our review pages are given the following structure.

Basic information

Brief notes as how many players the game allows, if it has online functionality and streetpass functionality.


Tactical Trophy

Please read our Trophies page for more information.

Main Text

If the game is an entry within an established series, the reviewer should explain their background (or lack of) to the series. A reviewer new to a Zelda game or Call of Duty game may experience the game differently to a veteran gamer of the series.

What follows in the main body of the text is largely down to the reviewer. We would expect a paragraph or two on functionality, controls and the learning curve of the game. Unless there were any areas of concern that needed further highlighting.

Head vs Heart

As noted in the About HG page, we are looking to highlight how the reviewer felt playing the game whilst also highlighting factual issues – particularly around; control, camera, graphics, stability, difficulty, length of gameplay, and learning curve. It could also be described as fact vs opinion, objective vs subjective. By having this section at the end it highlights to the reader both of these aspects.


Scoring is always a difficult part of a review. It’s what most readers focus on. When a gamer has been excited for a game for a long time, there can be a lot of emotion riding on the scores it gets.  As much as possible, a game’s scores is based on the games performance within its genre. To compare games from different genres doesn’t make sense. To try compare Nintendogs to Mario Kart, just doesn’t make sense.

Our score boundaries are as follows;



The game you shouldn’t miss out on. Very few games should achieve this score, but when they do, you know they are really something special.

95 – 99%


One of the best games released on the platform, almost at the masterpiece stage, but held back by a few niggles.

90 – 95%


Games scoring in this range, are fantastic games, but don’t quite have that something special that keeps drawing you back.

80 – 90%


These are for games which are considered to be very worthy of playing, but lack that special quality that scores them 90% or over.

70 – 80%


These are good games, you’re likely to enjoy playing. But they’re unlikely to hook you for any considerable time.

60 – 70%


These are games with good and enjoyable moments, but can be quite difficult to play through – either because of technical limitations or less than enjoyable gameplay.

50 – 60%


These games are not bad, but can feel very soulless. There might have been a few highlights, but generally very little enjoyment was experienced while playing the game.

40 – 50%


These games might feel lazy or badly designed. They can be unpleasant experiences or feel hard to enjoy due to technical limitations or very restricted gameplay.

20 – 40%


These games generally feel broken. They may still have a few small positive aspects to the game, but the bad gameplay or technical difficulties far outweigh the positives. An example may be a game with interesting graphics, but it is unplayable due to poor controls or camera issues.

0 – 20%


These are games which feel broken in every area and essentially feel unplayable.


After the review and score is where you would usually find the comments section. As noted on the About HG page, we have decided to not have a comments section. Instead we are looking to have Polls in many sections of the website. Typically after each review there will be a poll asking how likely you would be to buy the game. These polls would usually be open to voting for 1 month.